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‏2013-10-01T11:45:24Z | ant rsa

I am running RSA 8.5 on windows 7 and trying to create a webservice from an IBM Tutorial (Create stand-alone Web services applications with Eclipse and Java SE 6: Part 2: The Web service client application").

In this tutorial there is an example of how the XML build file should look :

<exec executable="{java.home}/../bin/wsimport">

  <arg line="-keep -s ./src -p com.myfirst.wsClient
      -d ./bin http://localhost:8080/wsServerExample?wsdl"



1) The Ant application can not find the executable ws import. To resolve this I hardcoded the correct adress and the  execution proceeds.

2) The execution stops again and now the compiler can not find the   com.myfirst.wsClient. To resolve this I hardcoded the correct adress again. This second time the compiler can not even find the hardcoded adress (which is in a subdirectory on the C disk). I then tried  to make a fake directory on the C disk at top root level and hardcoded that instead, just to try to figure out what the compiler can find. After that the compiler is complaining about the last statement, can not find directory.

It seems to me as, the Ant can not find subdirectories in theb tree on the C disk. Is there a parameter setting somewhere that I must adjust ?          


==> Problem has been resolved



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