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Pinned topic 'MQTT toolkit' for Streams 3.0 available in Streams Operators (SPL) collection

‏2013-03-25T15:12:56Z |
 This toolkit provides connectivity to IBM MessageSight ( ).  Specifically, using this toolkit, Streams applications can send to and receive messages from IBM MessageSight Appliance.  It enables Streams applications to subscribe to events from sensors, connected cars and mobile applications, perform low-latency decisioning and publish those decisions to applications, people and devices.  This toolkit has been extensively tested with IBM MessageSight and WebSphere MQ server.   We expect it would also work with other MQTT providers. 

Further details about MQTT protocol,  IBM Messaging appliance,  operator usage, readme and examples can be found in the package.   

This toolkit is available in Streams Operators (SPL) collection ( ).  

Here's a direct link for download. 

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