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‏2014-02-14T15:56:49Z | dump exit kill outofmemory


we run Weblogic 12c with a IBM JRE 1.7.0SR6 on AIX. The Application occasionally throws an OutOfMemory Exception. To investigate the problem we need heap and stack dumps. Dumping works fine but sometimes the JVM does not exit properly and can't be restarted by the node manager. This seems to be a known problem according to this document:

My actions:

  • I tried to add the parameter: -Xdump:tool:events=throw,filter=java/lang/OutOfMemoryError,exec="kill -9 %pid"
  • I also added the environment variable: JAVA_DUMP_TOOL="kill -9 %pid"
  • I configured the Weblogic server to exit kill the process on a "panic condition"

None of these actions seems to reliably kill the JVM after generating the dumps. The JVM occasionally remains in a "indeterministic state".

How can I achieve that the JVM always exits after writing dump files?