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Pinned topic How to create a new XHTML (for JSF facelets) file in RAD 8.5?

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With my fresh Rational Application Developer 8.5 installation, I can't seem to create a new XHTML file which I will populate with JSF facelet tags, but there's no such menu command available from File > New although I have even added a JSF 2 facet in project facets.
Do I need to activate something somewhere or install some additional plugin?
Please help.
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    Re: How to create a new XHTML (for JSF facelets) file in RAD 8.5?

     You need to create a web project that includes Java server faces component. So to do this from File > new > web project and then in the web project creation wizard you need to select Java Server Faces under Project Template. In the next page make sure the JSF version is set to 2.0 which supports Facelets.  
    Then when you attempt to create a web page for your web project, Facelet will be the default format for the web page
    Also, make sure the targeted runtime for this project support JSF 2.0 artifacts .