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Welcome to the IBM Cloud Event Management  Feedback Forum

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    Our University is a "IBM Academic Initiative" Member and we use IBM software in our student Labs for exercises. In one Curriculum we use APM and study some use cases. Then the she students ask me always the same question  "why I can't limit/create/shape/trigger/suppress notifications (email) in APM. I asked some experts;) and they told me we should use IBM Alert Notification software for this purpose. Now the problem starts: 

    We requested a 60 day trial and end up in the BlueMix Cloud. A cloud solution is not feasible for our educational purpose. 

    I started to investigate how the software is named so we could ask IBM Academic Initiative to provide the software for download on the IBM Academic education server (kivuto) for educational purpose. Either this software is only available as a cloud service or I'm too stupid to find it? If it's available as a service only I definitely have to look around for a new software as education sample.

    Can somebody help me?


    Bruno Joho

    Assistant Professor

    University of Applied Science

    Lucerne, Switzerland