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‏2013-07-22T08:46:01Z |

Dear all,x3100 m4 power is on,it boots up to initialization UEFI and suddenly shuts down the server.It then tries to Power on but cannot be powered ON.To power on the server,i have to plugged out the AC cable,reinsert and then power on the server.But the same above procedure occurs.i.e boots up tp uefi initialization and shuts down the server automatically,tried to boot but cann not be powered on.

What might be the solution?

Thank you.

  • Novikov_Alexander
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    Re: X3100m4 problem


    Dear  Sujan,

    try minimal configuration (remove all HDDs, PCI cards, few RDIMMs, ...).

    If IMM2 Standard/Advanced licenses installed, connect to iMM2 Ethernet port and check logs.

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow