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I have a customer who wants to create either a Web application or a Portlet and use Web Express logon to automate their logon, but at the same time they want to be able to dynamically override the LUName/workstationID.  I have some concerns that this will work.

I cannot find where but I recall that when you do an override not all of the settings from the defined connection are used when the override is processed.  If this is true would this mean that the WEL capability would be lost since it is configured on the connection?

If this is true this seems to me to be a severe restriction that should be addressed.

Can anyone confirm this?  

If it is true I need to enter a functional requirement.

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    Re: Connection Override & WEL


    I've had IBM support confirm that you cannot use WEL and connection overrides at the same time.  I will be submitting a Request For Enhancement (RFE) or in IBM Internal terms (FITS).