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Pinned topic db2haicu with multiple hadr databases under same instance

‏2013-09-27T14:06:46Z |


On a v9.7 fp8 under RHEL, I have two hadr databases under the same instance.

I am trying to automate failover with TSAMP.

It seems, db2haicu does not allow the same virtual IP to be used by two HADR databases. It requires a different virtual IP for each HADR database.

What I want to do is, use one virtual IP for both (maybe more) databases. That is:

Online IBM.ResourceGroup:db2_db2inst1_db2inst1_DB2HADRDBS-rg Nominal=Online
        |- Online IBM.Application:db2_db2inst1_db2inst1_HADRDB1-rs
                |- Online IBM.Application:db2_db2inst1_db2inst1_HADRDB1-rs:node1
                '- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2inst1_db2inst1_HADRDB1-rs:node2

        '- Online IBM.Application:db2_db2inst1_db2inst1_HADRDB2-rs
                |- Online IBM.Application:db2_db2inst1_db2inst1_HADRDB2-rs:node1
                '- Offline IBM.Application:db2_db2inst1_db2inst1_HADRDB2-rs:node2
        '- Online IBM.ServiceIP:db2ip_10_205_2_207-rs
                |- Online IBM.ServiceIP:db2ip_10_205_2_207-rs:node1
                '- Offline IBM.ServiceIP:db2ip_10_205_2_207-rs:node2


I had implemented such a configuration on windows using scripts. However being Administrator (root on Linux) is mandatory for using the scripts.

Why does not db2haicu allow such a configuration. Is such a configuration something that is not advised? If so, why?