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Pinned topic Streams 3.1 Developers Conference Webcast on June 6

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IBM® InfoSphere® Streams 3.1 includes a wide range of new features and functions designed to improve performance, enhance developer functionality, simplify large scale deployments and eliminate barriers to integration.

To learn more about these capabilities, IBM will host a Developers Conference Webcast on Thursday June 6 2013 from 10:00AM to 6:00PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time. The Webcast sessions will be recorded and posted to the Streams developerWorks Wiki.

A detailed agenda of the conference will be posted on the Streams developerWorks community forum on May 31:

Please join us on the web at IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meetings:

For ability to listen and ask questions during Q&A periods, please use the following conference information:

We look forward to sharing details about these new capabilities.


Lisa Foisy

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    Re: Streams 3.1 Developers Conference Webcast on June 6




    Times are in Central United States time zone

    9:00AM - Welcome and Introduction (30 minutes) - Roger Rea

    9:30AM - Installation Enhancements (30 minutes) - Laurie Williams

    10:00AM - Streams Console Enhancements (30 minutes) - Janet Weber, Susan Cline

    10:30AM - Morning Break (10 minutes)

    10:40AM - Toolkits Landscape (5 minutes) - Mike Branson

    10:45AM - Toolkit Enhancements: (50 minutes)

    Messaging Toolkit - Anjali Agarwal

    TimeSeries Toolkit - Bharath Devaraju

    BigData Toolkit - Mohan Dani

    11:35AM - Database Toolkit and R-project Toolkit (30 minutes) - Mike Accola

    12:00PM - Lunch Break (45 minutes)

    12:45PM - SPL Enhancements (50 minutes) - Andy Frenkiel, Ankit Pasricha

    1:35PM - Streams Studio Enhancements (50 minutes) - Mary Komor

    2:25PM - Afternoon Break  (10 minutes)

    2:35PM - Streams Runtime Enhancements (50 minutes) - Denny Hatzenbihler, Eric Johnson

    3:25PM - Documentation Updates (10 minutes) - Cindy Maier

    3:35PM - IBM Accelerator for Telecommunications Event Data Analytics Enhancements (25 minutes) - Norbert Schulz, Oliver Brandt

    4:00PM - Miscellaneous Updates and Conference Wrap-Up (30 minutes) - Roger Rea

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    Re: Streams 3.1 Developers Conference Webcast on June 6


    FYI - The presentations and recordings from the InfoSphere Streams 3.1 Developers Conference on June 6th are available here:!/wiki/IBM%20InfoSphere%20Streams%203.1%20Developers%20Conference%20Webcast/page/Welcome%20to%20IBM%20InfoSphere%20Streams%203.1%20Developers%20Conference%20Webcast