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Pinned topic custom date format - double quotes - fix config file?

‏2013-12-05T19:49:24Z |

In ICA Enterprise Search, I configured the Parse and Index with a Custom Date Format. I enclosed the custom date format in double quotes. When I returned to the Custom Date Format panel, the panel was "broken". The buttons are still there but the editing fields are no longer displayed. I can no longer add or delete Custom Date Formats. I assume the double quotes broke the HTML. How can I fix this? Do I need to go into a config file and remove the double quoted value? Where is the config file I would need to edit? Thanks.

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    Re: custom date format - double quotes - fix config file?

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    You can try to back out these changes by editing the file:

    Then look for the tags <common> xyz </common> near the top of the file.

    If that collection.XML file has the common tags (even with nothing in between them), try removing the beginning and ending common tags (and everything between them), and then completely restarting the system ( esadmin system stopall/startall).