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Pinned topic When will SysML 1.2 functionality be depreciated

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We just got Rhapsody 8.0.2 installed and it supports the SysML 1.2 (flow ports, flow specs) and SysML 1.3 (proxy ports) functionality. In later versions of Rhapsody that will only support SysML 1.3, will the flow ports automatically become proxy ports and all their associated information be carried forward? My concern is if we migrate to a newer version down the road, that we will lose all the work we have done involving flow ports in our project. I dont want to proceed with additional work on them if the functionality will be completely lost in a later version of the software.

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    Re: When will SysML 1.2 functionality be depreciated

    Hello StefanieC,
    Only certain people who are involved in making a product strategy & roadmap would be able to answer your enquiry, and even for them it won't be easy to say something decisive on forum due to various reasons. If you have a strong concern about those ports being depreciated, I suggest you to submit an enhancement from RFE Community and express how you want them to be treated when the time came for them to be depreciated:
    This way, you can directly bring your concern up to development's attention (one of many benefit of using RFE community is you can reach to Rhapsody development directly), and hopefully they will take your matter into future consideration. The below is my guess:

    In general, Rhapsody ensures backward compatibility when a function/concept which was used to work in older releases had to be discontinued in a new release. Let me give you an example. StandardPort is a stereotype introduced in SysML 1.0 and removed by SysML 1.2. In v8.0.2, you can add StandardPort to a block, but you can't add it since v8.0.3 onward. However, if you open an old model containing StandarPort in v8.0.3, you will still see them in the model and can expect it to work as intended. That is an example of backward compatibility. Also, in SysML 1.3 there are four kinds of ports: Port (UML Port), Proxy Port, Full Port and Flow Port. Flow Port was deprecated in SysML 1.3 but is still normative too. 
    Best Regard,