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Pinned topic Endian - Linux on Power and Infiniband

‏2014-01-31T10:24:30Z | endian infiniband linux lop power

Any one had much experience of moving data between big and little endian, I've got a customer doing some porting tests from Linux on Intel, DMAing data over Infiniband to a Intel appliance.  Which they are looking to move to Linux on Power, DMAing data over infiniband to a Intel appliance.  Most of what they do is is C++ related, so I was hoping someone could give me some pointers and things we need to think about, is the data sent over the Infiniband hardware switched between endianess or something we need to thing about in the SW layer?  I'm sure that it has come up before, I just need to find the right place.

As I understand it PCI devices are little endian in format, but is that true of GX++ Infiniband cards, is there a additional layer of endianess that may or may not be needed?