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‏2013-10-24T21:32:40Z | rsa

Hello all,

when running the Software Analyzer in RSA 9, I'm getting this error: "An internal error occurred during: "Data Collection". String index out of range: -1". Searching the forum, I found that it could be connected to linked files. It indeed is, because it occurs only when I run it on a project which does not physically reside in the workspace, but somewhere else. Basically the situation achieved by importing a project from outside the workspace and NOT checking the Copy project checkbox.

Please, is there any patch or update that would work in RSA9 which would address this issue?

Thank you. Best regards,

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    Hi Tomas

    I did some research and found a defect (APAR PK84736) has been opened on this issue.  However I could not find any information on a patch or release where it is fixed.  The workaround for the issue is to create a new workspace and import the projects from the "corrupt" workspace.