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Pinned topic CAFE 10.2 corrupted installing MS Lync 2013

‏2014-02-28T12:53:48Z | cafe lync microsoft

Hi there,

I'm using Cognos Analysis For Excel 10.2 in order to query TM1 cubes.

Since I installed Microsoft Lync 2013 on my workstation, I'm unable to reach the cubes with Excel 2010 (I've tried on 2003, it's fine).


Indeed, I'm able to launch Excel 2010 and display the IBM cognos analysis pane. I'm then able to expand the cubes list from the TM1 server instance. But when I try to connect to the cube, the enclosed error message appears.

The only solution I could reach is to uninstall MS Lync 2013... I then hope that some fix will be poduced very soon in order to allow CAFE 10.2 to be used at the same time than Lync 2013..

Maybe you could know some workarounds I could try.

Many thanks