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Pinned topic Migration Advisor: Usage of an Linux/x86-specific API

‏2012-09-12T22:05:01Z |
I'm using the IBM SDK for PowerLinux Migration Advisor for a project.  Nice tool, BTW!
We're seeing a number of lines of code flagged by the subject error:
Usage of an Linux/x86-specific API (Intel Math Kernel Library 10.3)
They are all calls to a C++ method called "second()", as in:
int MyClass::getSecond(void) const {
        return second();  // call MyClass::second()
Just posting here in case there is a better way to detect this type of situation and refrain from reporting a warning.
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    Re: Migration Advisor: Usage of an Linux/x86-specific API

    First of all, thanks for the feedback about the SDK.

    The API checker is looking for function calls with the same name of function calls from some x86 libraries. In your case, there are functions in your code defined with the same name used in the Math Kernel Library. This happened because there are libraries with some commonly used function names.

    To avoid seeing this errors every time, you can disable the API Checker for an specific library. Go to Window->Preferences and select C/C++->Code Analysis in the left bar. Then select 'Linux/x86-specific API', inside the 'Linux/x86 to PowerLinux application migration' item and click the 'Customize Selected...' button. A customize window will appear with options to disable the API checker for specific APIs. Uncheck the 'Math Kernel Library' api and click ok. Make sure to run the Migration Advisor again after changing any configuration in this dialog. API warnings related to this library should disapear. 

    We are working in changes in the API checker for a future release and we'll look for a better way to avoid this kind of situation.

    Thanks again for your feedback,
    Otavio Pontes
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    Re: Migration Advisor: Usage of an Linux/x86-specific API



    This problem were fixed and will be available in the next SDK release. The API checker is now looking for the includes in the source code and will just mark as a potential migration problem if you include some intel library header and call some specific fuction of that library.



    Roberto Oliveira.