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Pinned topic WCF Client MTOM failing with Datapower

‏2013-10-10T17:49:11Z | .net mtom wcf

We have a web service proxy that is SOAP 1.2. the underlying WSDL operation's request accepts MTOM attachments and the response also can have MTOM attachments. We are running XI52s with firmware version XI52.

 My WSP request rule is set to the following

  • Match rule (match all) -> Verify rule  -> Results rule

 My WSP response rule is set to the following

  • Match rule (match all) -> sign rule  -> Verify rule  ->  Results rule

    • Envelope Method= WSSec Method

    • Message Type =SOAP Message
      Use Asymmetric Key =on
      Signing Algorithm= RSA
      WS-Security Version=1.0

 Other than setting the  XML threat protection to allow both request and response attachments no other setting have been modified for MTOM.

 What we are experiencing is our Java clients (all of our Java clients also use Datapower to secure message) are able to send\receive MTOM attachments with no issues ,but our WCF .NET clients' inbound requests with MTOM attachments fail the verify action ( Hash value don't match).  request messages without MTOM attachment pass the request verify action step. For responses to WCF .NET clients, outbound responses with MTOM attachment pass the Verify step in the response rule but the WCF .NET clients are unable to verify the Hash value of datapower signed message.



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    Re: WCF Client MTOM failing with Datapower



    to answer your question too much information is missing (firmware version, config, request, response, ...).

    If you cannot get it working, please create a PMR.

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