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Hi. We are running two VIO servers, both setup using etherchannel /w 2x ent.

EtherChannel / Link Aggregation: ent10
Status: Available
      adapter_names   ent0,ent4      EtherChannel Adapters
      alt_addr        0x3000014e19c2 Alternate EtherChannel Address
      auto_recovery   yes            Enable automatic recovery after failover
      backup_adapter  NONE           Adapter used when whole channel fails
      hash_mode       default        Determines how outgoing adapter is chosen
      interval        long           Determines interval value for IEEE 802.3ad mode
      mode            8023ad         EtherChannel mode of operation
      netaddr     Address to ping
      noloss_failover yes            Enable lossless failover after ping failure
      num_retries     3              Times to retry ping before failing
      retry_time      1              Wait time (in seconds) between pings
      use_alt_addr    yes            Enable Alternate EtherChannel Address
      use_jumbo_frame no             Enable Gigabit Ethernet Jumbo Frames



My K51 Cisco switch is telling me that one of the ent from the VIO servers is down. I want to check on the VIO server which ent that has status down but when I try to do:


entstat -d ent10 or ent0 or ent4 its telling me:

entstat: 0909-003 Unable to connect to device ent10, errno = 19

Im guessing this is because of the SEA, but I dont really know how to figure out what ent is down...

Anyone? :)


  • j.gann
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    Re: Etherchannel link status


    you simply do the entstat on the SEA device.