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Pinned topic QU2 Installed. Installing WQX. Getting Error.

‏2013-07-24T20:13:32Z | install searchmast wqx

QU2 is installed and has been working for several years.  Preparing for upgrading to WQX.  Intended to install program products but NOT perform conversion yet and allow them to co-exist.   I was told by IBM that the conversion program has some glitches but that they are releasing updates to it in the next few weeks so I'm waiting till then for my conversion.   Meanwhile, wanted to play around with the product and see the differences. 

Installing using image catalog.  Products are WQX *BASE and features 2,4,5,6 & 7.   

Received following error during install......

Application folder migration request failed for /qibm/userdata/qwebqry/apps/wqmdata. RC = 9. Authorization list already exists.                                                                  
Receiver value too small to hold result.                                  
The call to SEARCHMAST ended in error (C G D F).                          

So, I took a "C" and to insure a clean system, performed a DLTLICPGM on the WQX entries. 

My question is: 

Have I screwed up anything in the old environment?  It doesn't look like it.     We were still able to log in to it and run a report so I'm encouraged.

Is there something special I have to do in order to load it for co-existance with 5733QU2?   5733QU2 was active when I was attempting the install.   Could that have had something to do with it?