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Pinned topic BNT-Virtual Fabric with Vmware - recommendations

‏2013-07-11T13:43:10Z | "bladecenter bnt failover hs22 lacp lag static teaming vmware

We have two stacked BNT virtual fabric (10Gb) switches connected to a Bladecenter H with Vnic´s, each Vnic is 5Gb and there is 4 Vnics to each blade.

There is a static LAG with 4x10Gb as uplink. 

On top of that we have HS22 blades and Vmware 5 with distributed switches.

Does anyone have this combination, or similar?


Do you know if there is any recommendations how to setup the NIC Teaming/Failover in vmware?

We have some strange traffic patterns from the vmware environment to the core.

Also we got problems with dropped received packets on the VM´s.


The only reason we have a static LAG is that it´s not supported to run Stacked switches and Vnic´s together with LACP in the BNT Virtual Fabric switches.


/ Nils

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