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Pinned topic Trying to install Electronic Service Agent on Power suse Linux

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Is there some simpler script to follow than the various mishmashes of infocenter to install Electronic Service Agent on Power Linux?  There really should be one to really increase the productivity of IBM CE's out in the field.  For example, look at this:

I am trying to follow the documentation at 
to install Electronic Service Agent on my suse Power Linux. 
It says that I should install a CIM provider. So I went to 
and downloaded SysDir6_3_3_Platform_Agent_Linux_Power.tar.gzPower.tar.gz 
I put that in /tmp. 
Then, according to: 

I ran 
hqlinux:/tmp # tar -zxvf SysDir6_3_3_Platform_Agent_Linux_Power.tar.gzPower.tar.gz 

The next step is to run 
cd server/checkds 
but that fails. Probably because there is no server directory off of the /tmp directory. 

There are WAY too many assumptions going on during this process.

Here's another example in the steps:


On all managed systems that use the ssh protocol to communicate with IBM

Systems Director Server, ensure that the PasswordAuthentication value in

/etc/ssh/sshd_config is set to yes. So, the corresponding line in the sshd_config

file will appear as follows:

PasswordAuthentication yes


Well, is your average CE supposed to GUESS how to display out the sshd_config file?  If the line isn't set just right, is the CE supposed to guess how to edit the darn file?  Sure, I know there are six million ways to edit a file but start with something that is common to power suse linux.  For example "Use your editor of choice to edit this file.  An example might be ..." and give the command and syntax to something commonly available to suse linux on power.

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    Re: Trying to install Electronic Service Agent on Power suse Linux


    Hi Rob, I'm contacting the ESA team to get your question/suggestion addressed. Thanks.