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Pinned topic MQ ZOS TYPE 116 data

‏2017-01-24T23:11:02Z |

where can I find out more information about MQ type 116 stats?

I'm collecting Type 116 detail statistics via accounting trace to SMF. One of the queues that has the highest volume and grows the deepest is the DB2 QREP send queue that they are using to send XML extracts of some table updates to a distributed application. That application picks up the messages via JMS app running over a svrconn. Looking at the stats I see that WQGETEPA is over a million for a day. I'm wondering what "empty pages skipped" means and if there is anthing we can do as admins or have the application do to improve performance. Latency is quite high and the putting application is expected to grow in 2017.

Thanks Tom