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Thinking about the Grouping ID Extractor in the new Group feature, and I was wondering how would that work if your groups are created via Application Descriptors?  I really like the concept of the Grouping ID Extractor because it will allow me to create multiple instance (i.e. DEV, TEST, QA, PROD) of a Business Application.  Then I got thinking, and I am encouraging my application owners to create Application Descriptors, so I do not have have to create Grouping Profiles.  How can Application Descriptors use the features on the new Grouping Patterns, so I do not have to develop queries to group my CIs?  

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    Re: Grouping ID Extractor with Application Descriptors


    Thank you for that question. In fact, we are in the middle of implementing App. Descriptors files in the context of new Business Application/Pattern concept. I'll try to describe here in a few words how the ADFs will be handled in the future.
    AD Files will be read and stored as it happens now. A new agent will pick up CI with ADF and create a Grouping Pattern for each CI. To be more precise we will be creating a selector (type of application descriptor) which is similar to already existing manual selector. By default data traversal template is disabled. It means that the crawler won't expand business application beyond those CIs that came with application descriptors. Extractor ID is set to a fix name so all elements, that share the same name, will be gathered under one business application - just as it is done today.

    I hope this will help. If not then please ask additional question. We will answer them with plesure.

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