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Pinned topic Migrate data from SQL to DB2 - UMO fails

‏2017-11-13T07:12:29Z |


Currently we are using the IBM Unica Platform, Campaign and Marketing Operations V9.1.0.2 modules with cross platforms as an Application in RHEL and System tables in SQL server, IBM provided the exemption for this stack and application was running fine for last 3 years. Now, we are planning to upgrade the application to V10.0.0.2. Post upgradation, IBM suggests that they will not be able to provide the exemption for the version 10.0.x and suggested us to make the environment in the supported stack.

To achieve this,

1. We migrated the entire system tables data from V10.0.0.2 SQL to DB2
2. Undeployed the war files
3. Detached SQL server datasource in application server and attached with DB2 data sources, test connection succeed
4. Edited the jdbc properties files by pointing it to the DB2 databases in the installation directory
5. Updated the system tables values in the tables like usm_configuration, usm_configuration_values

Post completion of this, we are able to open the platform and campaign modules. But, when we open the UMO console, facing issue as 5000 error. Even IBM technical support could not able to resolve this issue. Can someone suggest me how to overcome this issue? Or we have to perform any other additional steps to achieve this.

I have one more question, if we migrate the V9.1.0.2 data from SQL to DB2 will it works?

Your responses will be much appreciated and thanks in advance. 



Rubesh Kumar P