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I have recently tried to upgrade DWA from to  When I installed and modified the bat files as needed,  It looks like the DWA starts but when I go to the login screen on IE, after I put my user name and password in it sits and spins.  I uninstalled by removing the direcort in DWA so I can go back to using and again the broswer just spins.  After a while it will tell me it was an invalid login .  I did not change any of the bat files in the older version.  I do have Doors installed, is that any problem?  I have ensured that the server is up and going by using the Client.  I am able to log in that way. Also is there anythign else I have to do other than delete the directory to uninstall that version of DWA?  Is there a confilct using1.4.0.5 with Rational Doors   It seems that the newer vesrion of DWA chas done something to cause the DWA to stop functioning.  I am just trying to get a hold on how to work with this.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide me.


Lee Ann

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    Lee Ann Davidson
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    Re: Doors Web Access Issues

    I uninstalled the software update and re-installed and re-set up the application and all workes fine now. No further assistance is needed.