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Pinned topic Issue with transient object

‏2013-05-15T19:44:54Z | mdm-migration


We have a requirement of creating a non-persistent entity to hold elements like AdminPartyId of the related Party Id for TCRMPartyRelationship.
Following was done :
1. Created a transient object : XTCRMPartyRelationship
2. Changed signature of transient object to accomodate TCRMPartyRelationshipBObj.
public class XTCRMPartyRelationshipBObj extends TCRMPartyRelationshipBObj implements IExtension{
3. Following was added to properties(tcrm_extension) file : 
TCRMPartyRelationshipBObj_Extension =
XTCRMPartyRelationshipBObj =
4. Changed the XSD definition of XTCRMPartyRelationshipBObj  from CommonBObj to CommonEntensionBObj
5. Created a behavior extension(Post Transaction) for GetAllPartyRelationships to set defined elements.
While debugging the behavior extension, I can see all the values related to TCRMPartyRelationship as well as part of XTCRMPartyRelationshipBObj, but response only contains the extended object, the base object is not there.
<TCRMExtension> <XTCRMPartyRelationshipBObj>
<OrganizationName>Sanca PGroup</OrganizationName>
Can anyone suggest how to fix this problem