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Pinned topic Data Studio 4.1.3 lagging in virtual machine with VPN

‏2019-05-30T14:24:41Z | data lagging nat slow studio vpn

Using DS 4.1.3 on linux (CentOS7) in virtual machine (VirtualBox).

To access database I need to connect to VPN (Cisco AnyConnect). When I am connected to VPN in virtual Linux, DS works fine.

However, when I connect Host (Windows 10) to same VPN instead (and virtual machine is connected to NAT), Data Studio starts lagging:

- database connection takes many seconds

- runing queries need a lot of time to execute, and then they return execution time was just a few ms

- typeahead in SQL editor never works


I know that poor network makes DS unusable, so I am sure this VPN/NAT/Virtualisation combo makes problems.

I have tried changing VirtualBox's type of network adapter, but that does not help.  NAT is a requirement, can't go with bridged connection.


Maybe there are some settings in DataStudio that disable some functions that have issue with poor network which makes it unusable?