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‏2013-12-10T21:32:56Z |

Hello, about Java EE Concurrency API

in wlp-developers-runtime-2013.11.jar and wlp-developers-extended-2013.11.jar

there is no definitions about javax.enterprise.concurrent package.

Not in ./dev and ./lib folder

in ./lib there is some ibm stuff (Implementation), which relies on API, but no API package.

How can i use new functionality?

by the way in there is similiar problem, declared ManagedExecutorService, even in infocenter, but no declarations in .jar

thank you for the answer.

  • Nathan Rauh
    Nathan Rauh
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    Re: Java EE Concurrency API


    The missing API package is a mistake in the alpha driver.  Thank you for pointing it out, we will look into getting it corrected in the Beta.

    Regarding, it is correct to exclude the Java EE Concurrency API because does not implement that specification, and provides only a Java SE ExecutorService, which is managed by the app server.