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Pinned topic Upgrade from 9.7 Fix Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010

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Hi there,

please excuse the rookie question but I am still trying to find my way around all this.

so I have DB2 Client 9.7 Fix Pack 1 installed on my local machine which is Win 7 (64 bit). I also have Visual Team Studio 2010 installed and I want to be able to create a DB2 project that will work in Visual Studio and in DB Data Studio.. which I believe is possible. I have Data Studio 3.1 installed at the moment.

Could someone answer the following.

1) If I upgrade my client to say Version 10.1 will this effect the drivers that I current use to connect to the DB2 Server or are they backward compatible

2) What do I need to upgrade to on DB2 and Data Studio in order to get a data project working in Visual team Studio

The reason I ask is that at the moment we build and deploy and everything works fine but I would like to move all the sprocs etc into a project on Visual Studio so we can version control the releases of these with the Dot Net code, but at the same time I dont want to introduce issues with drivers etc that we use to connect to DB2 Server. I am unsure as to the version on the server but I am hoping that the new DB2 clients are backward compatible.

Also I have already tried to get Visual studio project working for DB2 and have had no luck at all in even getting it to register in Visual Studio 2010. It did seem to register for Visual studio 2008 but I need it for 2010. I installed IBM Database Add-In for Visual Studio - but it only worked for Visual Studio 2008. So really what I want to do is keep the drivers all working and my Dot Net code connectiing to the DB2 server but would like to have the latest Data studio client and create a Db2 data project in Visual Studio 2010.

Oh just to note that I am on Win 7 (64 bit)

all the best Mick

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    Re: Upgrade from 9.7 Fix Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010


    The DB2 add-ins for Visual Studio from DB2 9.7 support VS 2010, according to this:

    You can try installing the DB2 10.1 client with its add-ins, it should work just fine with down-level DB2 servers, except of course the DB2 10.1-specific features. 

    IBM Data Studio is not a part of the Data Server Client packages, it's a separate product and it is not required for the DB2 client software to work. If you plan developing in Visual Studio, you don't really need IBM Data Studio. And of course you cannot share a project between VS and Data Studio, so if you keep both you'll have to maintain two projects.