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I want to know if exists some function to disabled a trigger during the execution of my script and then other function to enable it.


I have a script that make some changes and I have a trigger that start with one of those changes. I'd like that doesn't execute the trigger if the change is with my script, so I was thinking in disabled the trigger in the begining of my script and enable it at the end of the script.


it is possible?


Thank you!

  • Mike.Scharnow
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    Re: Disable/enable trigger


    See for a discussion and some possible workarounds/solutions. 

    Have a look especially at the last comment which recommends rethinking your trigger strategy.

  • llandale
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    Re: Disable/enable trigger


    I do see "enable(Trigger)" and "disable(Trigger)" DXL perms, but have never seen them before.  I'm guessing they only work on Dynamic triggers.  In any event it would be difficult to write a DXL to disable specific triggers.

    bool State = getTriggerState_()  // This returns the state of the flag; not whether it works.  Even when this returns false, triggers still run for non-DB admins.
    setTriggerState(bool)   // false is same as using -T command line switch; but you can turn running triggers back on.

    In your case, however, I think the Trigger code needs to be clever and know when to do nothing when invoked.  Here are some possibilities:
    o When the module is invisible|
    o when inplaceEditing(Module) return false
    o when (getTriggerState_() == false)

    If we presume you did that last one, your on-demand script can do this:

    bool StatePrev = getTriggerState()


    make your updates