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‏2017-12-15T15:55:46Z | action form securitygroups

We recently upgraded our Platform to 3.5.3 and we are still in 10.3 Application version.

We have a custom cstWorkTask Form and it has 133 Form Actions. In the Shop Foreman Security Group we want to give Form Action Access to over 125 actions. Looks like there is a limit that you can only set 119 Form Actions. As soon as you select the 120th Form Action the spinning wheel appears and never completes it. We have tried clicking the select all checkbox and as soon as you click that the spinning wheel appears and never completes. If we remove couple Actions from the 119 already selected then it lets you to check two more without the spinning wheel.


See attachment


Is there any setting that controls how many Form Action Access can be set in the Security Group? or is this a known issue?

  • scott_ruch_wipro
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    Re: Security Group FORM Action Access restrictions


    I tested this in a local application, using a new group copied from the Request Central (which has vary little access) and adding access to the form actions associated to RE Lease. In that case, I was able to select all 143 form actions and use the select all check box to add and remove security for Form Actions. This appears to be a local limitation. Do you see any errors in your app server log?

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    Re: Security Group FORM Action Access restrictions


    We are experiencing the same issue with one of our custom Forms.  We are able to select 159 checkboxes under Form Action Access and Application Access. When checking the 160th checkbox, we receive a popup with "Failed to Save ACL Data".

    When recreating the group from scratch, we also encountered the same issue. Apparently TRIRIGA has a limitation on Security Group selections?