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‏2017-11-21T17:02:33Z | ipad login logout ux

Our client is experiencing log out issues when using perceptive apps on their iPad.

The link to the perceptive app is passing through a DMZ and upon initial login the users are able to navigate the apps on the iPad without issue.  When a new session is started on their desktop, they are logged out of their current session on the iPad.  After the users log back in, there are 2 consistent behaviors: 1. the iPad log constantly force closes the session on the desktop or 2. there is a back and forth between the desktop and iPad sessions.

Unsure of how or if SSO is playing a part in this or if we've missed a setting that will enable both sessions to stay open for as long as the time out setting allows.  

We have attempted to use this solution ( but have not seen improvement.

Any advice would be appreciated!



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    Re: Persistent Logout on iPad


    Hello Fred,


    What version of iOS and browser are they using?

    If you close the tab on their iPad, does it still cause issues on their desktop? You can look at the security.log to see what's happening with the sessions.

    When one SSO session is opened, it will log out the user from any other locations. I would ask users to stick with one device and avoid using multiple devices. If they need to use the apps and their desktops simultaneously, then you should provide them with a link to the UX apps for their desktops.