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Pinned topic Queries on configuration settings for Marketing Operations

‏2015-10-09T04:19:30Z | markeing operations

Hi All,


Can some one help me with the below possible scenario I have in my project .

We are supporting Unica Marketing Operations for our client wherein there are multiple users working on the system in different working shifts. 

One shift is 7am to 3:30pm and other shift is 3.30pm till 12:00 night. 

My question is because of this shift timings the default workflow configurations settings for the field

NumberofHoursperday = 8  and  BeginningofDay = 9 AM is of not working.  

As users who come in first shift and if they put time between 7 to 9 am in the morning for any workflow tasks then the system does not capture the duration as 2 hours. It still shows 0. Similarly for users who come in the later shift and if they put time after 5 pm against any task then it does not get captured again. 

I thought we should change the default value and make it NumberofHoursperday=17 and BeginningofDay= 7AM . I tried putting this and testing with multiple scenarios but it is failing for some of them like for instance if I select start date for a task as 10/12/2015 7:00 AM and end date 10/19/2015 12:00 AM instead of capturing as 5 days it shows as 4 days and 10 Hours. in the workflow duration column.  Everytime 12:00 am is added in either start or end field the duration goes for a toss and it doesn't calculate corectly

So I am not sure of this work around too.

Can someone help me with a solution for this and let me know if at all I should be changing the workflow default configurations for the fields

numberofHoursperDay and beginningofDay.


Any sugestion and help will be highly appreciated. I am attaching screenshot of the config page where the settings can be changed.