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‏2015-05-07T12:39:19Z | flows

Hi All,


We are getting Flow Interface name as : Flow Source.Flow Interface in the Network Activity tab. The client requires to have not the Flow source Name.

For example:

default flow source name is: siem

Flow Interface name:  Internet_Router

In the Network Activity it should show as Internet_Router only not siem:Internet_Router


Kindly advice on how to avoid the flow source name.



  • Nilesh Patel
    Nilesh Patel
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    Re: Flow Interface Name



    I have had many clients requesting for it, but the solution is as simple as giving meaningful name to Flow Source. So rather than "SIEM" as a Flow Source name, I would suggest to name it to your company name or site location. e.g. West-coast 

    Hope that helps!