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Pinned topic force destroy of gpfs cluster with mmdelnode -f

‏2018-10-04T08:47:18Z | gpfs mmdelnode scale spectrum


I am testing gpfs 5.0.2 v on RHEL 7.5

I am able to create and use the cluster fine. as part of my testing, i have been following a force destroy method of the cluster to cleanup the nodes and do a fresh gpfs cluster setup. i do it with 'mmdelnode -f' on each node  but in spectrum scale 5.0.2 i am not able to do it.

it fails with below message:

# mmdelnode -f
mmdelnode: This node still belongs to cluster  To delete this node, run mmdelnode -N node0 from a remaining node in that cluster.


is there a change in behavior for 'mmdelnode -f' ?
i understand that we can shutdown gpfs and then do graceful cleanup with mmdelnode but since this is all part of a script, i used mmdelnode -f to do force cleanup.
so i am looking for a simpler way.

any help would be appreciated.


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