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‏2013-08-26T15:58:20Z | functional map string

I'm creating a functional map where I have a x12 file as my input and an address database table as my output.


The addresses can be of many different types (home, work, school, other, etc.)  There is a field on the db table to capture the type as well.


The issue I'm running into is that I have to create a different functional map for each type.  What I would prefer to do is make one functional map and as an argument to that map, pass in a string value of 'H' for home, 'W' for work, etc.  However, when I try to pass a string into the functional map, the functional map wizard doesnt recognize it and wont let me create the map.


Is there a way to accomplish this so that I can create one functional map instead of many to accomplish this task?

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  • Bhoju
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    Re: Passing a String to a Functional Map


    there are ways you can give a try

    1. If wizard is creating problem, create functional map manually.

    2. Create one functional map and pass filtered data to functional from executable map e.g. from executable map use extract function to pass only those records where say address type = 'H' etc and call functional map multiple times from different rule bars of executable map. Assuming you have an identifer in the record which tells what kind of address it is.  (offcourse you are not deciding it yourself)

    3. Functional maps perfectly allows two input cards only thing is, if both records are variable then the functional map get taken the cartesian production of both record occurances and get executed that many times.

    I hope it helped. Good luck



  • Jim Divoky
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    Re: Passing a String to a Functional Map


    You have to provide a valid type tree reference for the string item to the functional map wizard.  Select the offending item in the wizard.  It will be highlighted with a yellow non-smiling smiley.  Click on the Edit command button. Specify a suitable text object in an available type tree.  Click on OK and the problem object should now be highlighted by a green smiley.  Click on the Create button and you should now have a FMap containing the string object you need.

    See attachment for images of the FMap Wizard steps.