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Pinned topic Possible Backend Communication Protocol for WSP?

‏2013-10-31T12:28:13Z |

HI Guys,

As far as I am aware that WSP only communicate using HTTP(S) protocol however someone told me that we may communicate to additional backends (if want) using other protocol.

Even I checked and found that I can set backend system having different protocols under results action in WSP processing rule. Is it something available under result action by default or can we use it to communicate with backend systems using protocol other than HTTP(S) in WSP too?



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    Re: Possible Backend Communication Protocol for WSP?


    You can go what I refer to as the hard way or the easy way:

    1) (Hard Way) Write a transform using extension functions to make the proper call.

    2) (Easy Way) Make the back end of your WSP static to an MPG, then use the MPG to handle the outgoing protocol.