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Pinned topic Notification in MDM 11

‏2014-05-19T04:03:01Z |

I tried to implement OOTB notification in mdm 11 using mdm 11 workbench. I enabled notificationframework from configelement table and I used following blueprint.xml for invoking appropriate notification type.

 <service id="SuspectIdentificationNotification"
<entry key="common.service" value="NotificationType.nt2"/>
<bean class="">
<argument type="java.lang.Class"
<argument type="java.lang.Class" value="com.dwl.tcrm.coreParty.notification.SuspectIdentificationNotification" />
<argument ref="blueprintBundle"/>

Yet , I can not get any notification object. It is also giving me error saying that blueprint.xml has a problem in validation. How can I fix that ?

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    Re: Notification in MDM 11

    ‏2014-12-22T10:26:24Z  in response to -=DeSmOnD=-

    For implementing OOTB notifications, nothing has to be done except setting Expiry_dt to null in JMSCHANNEL,NOTIFCHANNEL and NOTIFICATIONTYPE. For instance, if you need A1 party Identification notification, you should enbale SDP . As these are pushed into Topic OOTB, so either you need a listener to read from topic or configure your server log by setting log level as ALL. Then you can get the notifcation xml in log itself.