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Pinned topic Using PumaLocator API within a Custom Workflow Action

‏2013-09-17T10:57:44Z | api portal puma wcm workflow



I am developing a custom workflow action that requires access to groups and users to make a decision about adding approvers and editors dynamically in each stage.

I am able to get the current user who is editing the content, I am able to get the PumaHome from the JNDI Context. However I cannot get the PumaLocator object that is required to search for users and groups.

The reason being that the PumaHome.getLocator method requires a PortletRequest object as a parameter which is not available within the Custom Workflow Action class.

Can anyone kindly let me know how I can get access to the locator object without a PortletRequest object within the Custom Workflow Action class?

I am using Version of Portal (with WCM) FP7.

Many thanks in advance.

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