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Pinned topic Get Inhibited when msg put into xmit queue

‏2016-12-20T21:27:32Z |

I just had the situation in which whenever a message from the remote queue was put into the transmission queue, the Get Messages was turned to Inhibited. I have stopped the channel, put Get Messages to Allowed then injected a message into the remote queue. However, when I started the channel up again, the Get Messages was set to back Inhibited. The status of the channel turned to Retrying after that. Have you ever had this issue and if yes, do you know what caused it?

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    Re: Get Inhibited when msg put into xmit queue


    It's the channel doing it. When a channel is not running it sets the XmitQ to GET(INHIBITED) so that it doesn't get re-triggered by the queue manager as it's already in a retry sequence. Solve the problem that means your channel is in RETRYING status and the GET(INHIBITED) will go away too. It's not a problem in of itself, it's just the standard behaviour of the channel.