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‏2013-09-18T15:07:12Z |

On one of our servers has had to change the value of the JWT parameter to 0030 (30 minutes). This is the time-out of the TSO and by defect comes to 0400 (4 hours).

Then we have the following problem: technicians open their regular screens, and when leave of handle them for 30 minutes, have disconnected it the TSO due to this new value of the time-out. The problem is that returning to login, try to use RECONNECT and does not work, turns to login again and they lose all of their screens.

We have verified that we have the value default of LOGONHERE (ON) and it is included in the TSOKEY00 file the RECONLIM parameter, testing with
different values, e.g. 120. We have seen that the TSO to the booting takes this value.

Performed various tests and having several screens open, we expect that the TSO disconnect us by time-out. When we attemp to make logon with RECONNECT, it is not reconnected, it is a new logon and the screens opened are lost.

However, having these screens opened, from another session we connect with RECONNECT, it is works, the screens are ok and the original session is disconnected.

Please if someone could help us and indicate how to operate the RECONNECT.

Thank you very much and regards.

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    Re: Problem with LOGON using RECONNECT

    ‏2013-09-18T16:07:12Z  in response to 9WVT_José_Antonio_Alonso_Martí

    RECONNECT works if your terminal session terminates on error (or on purpose) and you logon again before the timeout value expires.  When the terminal session is timed out, TSO closes the session with VTAM and you must relogon with a new session.   This is normal behavior.




      Re: Problem with LOGON using RECONNECT

      ‏2013-09-19T07:50:29Z  in response to RDzJohn

      Thank you for your answer, RDzJohn !!!

      Our technicians believe that in other hosts you can re-connect once exceeded the time-out. I have doubts...

      Anyway, we will look for another solution to our problem.

      Thank you very much and regards.