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Pinned topic OPM to ILE Cobol

‏2013-10-15T18:23:05Z |

We are an OPM Cobol shop attempting to move to ILE Cobol on an IBM i running V7R1.

One of our developers has taken the lead on this and has started the conversion with a process we call Overnite.  He is having an issue with commitment control, we think caused by the use of activation groups.  The primary program is an ILE CL program compiled using activation group *NEW.  The subsequent ILE Cobol programs have been compiled with an activation group of *CALLER.  There are OPM Cobol programs also called from this main CL program.

The errors he is receiving is attempts to either start or end commitment control and the commitment control command cannot be found.

Have other developers successfully mixed OPM and ILE Cobol in the same process ?

Can anyone offer any insight as we make this transition ?

Thank You,