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Pinned topic SCO 2.2 - problem during installation

‏2013-09-20T09:30:09Z |

I have problem during installation of SCO.

I installed RHEL 6.3 on server IBM x3690 with 2x146 internal disks in RAID (/dev/sda) and connected 1TB iSCSI LUN (/dev/sdd) from Storwize v3700. 

I created volume group on /dev/sda and /dev/sdd named vg_firstbox. Then i created LV's /var -600GB, /data -20GB etc.

Now I don't know what to type in storage_hd in ISCP.cfg file. By default there is storage_hd="sda" but when I run file firstbox_run the installator returns error:

"connection 1: ping timeout of 5 secs expired, recv timeout 5, last rx … etc"

when i type storage_hd="sdd" it is the same like with sda.


Can you help me?



Lukasz Radzki

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    Re: SCO 2.2 - problem during installation


    Can you ping some ip address in your network? I google this error, many says that it is related with NICs while doing ping command.

    Seems the error is not related with the parameter storage_hd.