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Pinned topic MPIO: how to verify secondary vscsi-path

‏2014-05-22T06:44:05Z | hdisk lscfg lspath lspv mpio vscsi

We have a dual vio 2.2 setup, all disks are passed via vscsi to clients.

How can we verify that the secondary vscsi-path is correct before we are switching over (some sort of health-check). See some information below, we can see that both paths are enabled with "lspath". But sometimes when switching over this secondary path is not working and the entire partition fails. Why it fails is not really known (maybe human error so that a wrong disk is coupled), but we want to make sure that everything is OK before switching over.  We can read from the disk e.g. "dd if=/dev/hdisk3 of=/dev/null bs=1024", but this goes over the primary path, is there a simular way we can do this via the secondary path?

# lspv
hdisk0          00c525c7965c8647                    rootvg          active
hdisk1          00c525c7965c87d2                    vg-1            active
hdisk2          00c525c7965c8965                    vg-2            active
hdisk3          00c525c7965c8af8                    vg-2            active

# lscfg
* vscsi1           U9xxx.MMD.xxxC7-V5-C24-T1                    Virtual SCSI Client Adapter
* hdisk3           U9xxx.MMD.xxxC7-V5-C24-T1-L8400000000000000  Virtual SCSI Disk Drive
* hdisk2           U9xxx.MMD.xxxC7-V5-C24-T1-L8200000000000000  Virtual SCSI Disk Drive
* hdisk1           U9xxx.MMD.xxxC7-V5-C24-T1-L8300000000000000  Virtual SCSI Disk Drive
* hdisk0           U9xxx.MMD.xxxC7-V5-C24-T1-L8100000000000000  Virtual SCSI Disk Drive
* vscsi0                     Virtual SCSI Client Adapter

# lspath
Enabled hdisk0 vscsi0
Enabled hdisk0 vscsi1
Enabled hdisk1 vscsi0
Enabled hdisk2 vscsi1
Enabled hdisk2 vscsi0
Enabled hdisk1 vscsi1
Enabled hdisk3 vscsi0
Enabled hdisk3 vscsi1

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    Re: MPIO: how to verify secondary vscsi-path


    What is hcheck_mode set to for these PVs?