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‏2014-03-28T14:43:19Z | trc



I am setting up TRC in p2p mode but am having a issue.

When i set the CheckUserGroup to my domain administrators i get a error "the target has refused the session.

It is working fine with the builtin\administrators group, but only with local accounts.

I can't seem to find documentation that says if what i am trying is possible or not.


Regards Jan


  • jgstew
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    Re: TRC login with AD credentials



    I don't have experience using TRC with AD creds.


    If you are using v9+ of BigFix / IEM, then you could create a local admin on the endpoint, set its password using a secure parameter, then delete it or otherwise maintain it.


    See a set password example using secure parameters here:




    The secure parameter uses client mailboxing and encryption. The password is entered into the console, encrypted, then sent to the endpoint so that only the endpoint can decrypt it.


  • JoseManuelGomez
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    Re: TRC login with AD credentials


    Hi Jan,

    Authenticating P2P sessions with AD credentials is supported and should work, but there is a limitation as you say with Builtin\Administrator in that it only works with local accounts in the system.

    I think it would be best to open a PMR and go through the official support process to troubleshoot this issue. Please include in the PMR submission a target log showing the login failure. Here is how to get target logs enabled: