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We successfully performed silent insatllation of  DataStudio using Installation Manager installer (installc.exe) and XML response file .
 We saw that it is possible to specify translation languages via <data key='' value='en,...'>

To accomplish the silent installation, we would like to import DB connections and establish Intranet help. We do know how to do this manually, however, we need some kind of script decision, namely, in the same BAT file which runs installc.exe. I tried to use the response XML file profile kyes  <data key='' value='remote'/> and <data key='' value=''/> to deifne Intranet Help, but it does not work.

It does not matter how for connections to be imported and for help is to be set. The main point here that it should be done automatically, as part of SILENT installation.

 Michael Kaplan
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    Re: DataStudio 3.2 silent installation



    To use a Intranet help for Data Studio, the response file should be edited like this:

    <data key='' value='custom'/>
    <data key='' value='http://...'/

    'remote' is ask for the help from the default web as the selection one on installation panel.


    Regarding to the DB2 connections importing, since there is no input provided during installation even in GUI, so the connections can not be added into response file for importing. For Data Studio 3.2,  the connections can be exported/imported manually after Data Studio is started up.