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Pinned topic Can ISD6.3 monitor user created file systems?

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I'm new to ISD 6.3, and currently considering monitoring file systems.

I found there is template for monitoring default AIX file systems, such as /, /usr, /tmp.

But I couldn't find user created file system.


Is it possible to monitor user created file system by ISD 6.3?

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    Re: Can ISD6.3 monitor user created file systems?

    ‏2013-05-28T22:11:53Z  in response to 0YYT_聡_浦

    Firstly,gcorneau found this solution out, not me. 


    Try this out.

    1. Go to System Status and Health --> Monitors
    2. Select your system, click create
    3. Click again your your system in the Selected Resources box
    4. Now click on Common Agent --> Disk Monitors --> the file system you want to monitor --> Percentage Space Available
    5. Click Add, enter in Name of monitor as well
    6. Click OK and now you have a monitor for that filesystem. The filesystem can be a user created filesystem.

    It was a bit torturous to get there, but it works.

    I did the above tasks to create a monitor for only one LPAR and then changed the target to All Operating Systems, in order to create a monitor for all my AIX boxes.


    Hope this helps and thanks to gcorneau!