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Pinned topic Multiple application Threads crash at the same time

‏2019-06-10T06:23:09Z | 8.0.5 rhapsody

We are facing an issue where 4 or 5 Application Threads of us crash at the same due to the Watchdog kicking the restart when all these 4 or 5 Application Threads get stuck for more than 5 minutes.
=> Eventually all these 4 or 5 Threads are in different layers of the SW and they don't have any inter-dependency between them.
=> But the stack trace signature of the Threads have a commonality.
=> At the top of the stack, they are pointing to this

=> And the lines 363 and 412 are nothing but the OMTimerManager's lock and unlock functions.
=> We are suspecting if all the Application Threads get hogged in the State Machine for a timer expiry and when it doesn't relinquish, the watchdog restarts the SW.
=> Are there any known cases in Rhapsody 8.0.5 with respect to the OMTimerManager ?
=> Looking for your inputs on this issue. Thanks in advance !

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    Re: Multiple application Threads crash at the same time



    Are you sure you look at correct stack? I can suppose you show the Timer thread, which always calls lock(), then process timeouts, and the unlock(). Your assumption can be correct and there is a chance that timeout heap is empty but all threads stay in waiting for some event. Try to analyze other threads and their event queues.

    I don't remember any issue in 8.0.5. You can, probably, get some newer evaluation version and run application using framework libs of this version (or just compare framework sources) to be sure it behaves the same way.