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Pinned topic How to fire Validations on Empty table

‏2018-04-09T20:47:19Z | bpm8.5.7 ibm

Hi Everyone,

I'm facing some issue while firing coach validations for table(in IBM BPM 8.5.7 CSHS) .I'm able fire validations for each row(i.e each cell ) of table ,but i don't know how to fire validation if the table is empty .

Please let me know is there any workaround to fire validations for empty table and to show error at table header level.

Thanks in Advance. 

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  • Vivekananth Thangavelu
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    Re: How to fire Validations on Empty table


    without trying out your scenario, I would just drag drop an output text CV below or above the table and then just fire validation on that output text. Keep the label data/value of the output text as blank. just a quick work around.

  • rise_ag
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    Re: How to fire Validations on Empty table


    if your idea is to validate when pressing a button (for example, "continue") id just ask if table is !=null and listLength>0. otherwise, table is empty