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‏2013-08-07T06:14:54Z | flags

Hi! I'm trying to configure flags on unsecure (and also tried secure) collection with LDAP login enabled.

On security settings I set up option "Manage document flags " for default user.

I login as user1 and mark 2 docs with Flag1.

Than I login as user2 and I already see this 2 docs flagged by user1.

Can I configure somehow flagging for personal use.

Where user2 can't see docs flagged by user1 and  vise-versa.

I also tried to unset option "Manage document flags" for default user

and configure this option  for every user in his privat security settings . But this didn't help.

Thanks a lot for help.



  • Caroline_Burgess
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    Re: Flags for personal use


    Hi Fredrix,

    I have just received confirmation from ICA development that flags are saved at a system level.

    With that in mind I plan to do 2 things:

    1) Request that the documentation is clarified with regard to this.

    2) Propose that "personal use" flags saved against a user account are implemented as a product improvement for the next ICA release.



    Caroline Burgess

    IBM Content Analytics QA