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Pinned topic Calendar Widget Launcher Not Created in HATS 9.0

‏2014-02-06T22:13:08Z |

To transform a date field with 3 different input fields.

                                           Start Date: __     __     _____     (MM DD YYYY)

I created a Global rule, used calendar widget and specify a pattern MM~DD~YYYY. But NO single launcher is displayed as I expected. Here is my Calendar setting;

       Pattern: MM~DD~YYYY

       Pattern: Use server locale

       Caption source: From component

       Number of columns per row: 3

       Launcher type: image

       Use inline calendar

Do you have any idea as to what could be causing the problem?


  • tmparker
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    Re: Calendar Widget Launcher Not Created in HATS 9.0



    I'm not sure you can use the calendar widget across 3 fields in a global rule since the rules will only apply to a single input field.  In order for the calendar widget to span 3 fields, as in a normal transformation, you have to select all 3 fields and then tell the widget that it spans 3 fields.  If you do this same global rule test but limit the calendar to only a single field, the image shows up.  You may be able to write a custom rule to handle this but out of the box I don't think we can support this.